Long Winter


I watch the dark dull sky
The clouds still thick
There’s silence everywhere
It’s snowing once more

My vision’s getting dizzy
Breath white with cold
White it is the path too
My steps are so heavy

I’m treading on this snowfield
Stumbling at every step
I realize that I have been left alone
My fellows’ tracks have all disappeared

Alone I am on this silent snowfield
Still I must tread, on and on, must tread
Where am I going, I just wonder?
The life I long to return to, it is no more
No where

And the winter keeps on flaying
-- at length it does it --
And the snow drains on my strength and will
Just confusion and shivering for me
In this white darkness
I just need to go right through

I see my frozen cold
Almost numbed hands
This winter, it found me
Thoroughly unprepared

My present darkened by
Flaws of my past
Can turn back
No longer
Oh No, no more

Suddenly, 'midst the clouds,
A white ray does show up
And with it, for a moment
A slight hope

If I resist,
All the freezing might stop
Perhaps the ordeal is gone
May be

Yet this winter stays on seemingly eternal
While the snow drains strength and will
A white darkness that confuses an’ makes me shiver
But I must keep going through

A long winter keeps on flaying
At length it does it
Piercing coldness that haunts me

With no hope left,
I just have to keep on wandering
Through so noble, though vain Snowfield