Dread Dagon


Neither ship nor land
Drifting through the dark
Hellish pitch black mire
All day steadily

Spellbound through the night
Westward till I see
Cyclopean view
Well-shaped monolith

Webbed hands and feet
Wide and flabby lips
Glassy, bulging eyes
Spellbound I remained

Awestruck at this glimpse
I stood speechless there
While mad eerie moon
All night steadily

Cast its deadly rays
Shaping queery sights
Glimpses of a dark
grotesque monolith

Then Suddenly it was there
Fathomless despair
Slid into my view
Rising from the depths
Dagon R'lyeh (Dagon, in R'lyeh)
wgah'nagl fhtagn (waits in his palace)
Dag-on cf'ta-g-n (Dagon, we wait [for thee], we dream [of thee])

Beyond the threshold and yet still alive
A dread dragon awakes once again
Old god inhuman
Rising once more from the depths

Deep in its palace in R'lyeh
waiting to live once again
Dagon awakes now
Rising once more to the surface

'tis at night, when the moon is waning,
that my eyes can see the thing
Vast, dark, and loathsome
Amidst submarine obelisks

I hear a noise at the door, and
realize that they are here
Dark ocean floor is ascending
Dread Dagon and the end are getting nearer.

Lyrics adapted from "Dagon", by H. P. Lovecraft