Bygone Days


Walking down the street at night
There is almost nobody out there
The glare of streetlights unexpectedly makes me remember a long gone past
However, they're indistinct, I'm not convinced those memories did happen for real
They turned to be just one of distress, so I quietly repeat sighs now

Bright afterglows tenderly freeze my heart up
The afterglows of bygone days still linger on my eyes

I was worn out
Nothing remains to make me rouse
I want to be just calm
Nothing to occur, nothing is needed there

Sleepless night it is and Everybody is falling asleep
I'm awake sight wanders with weariness
It's the sign of endless thoughts
Beginning of a climax-less movie
Spoiled stories are the worst
The late night show which is unwanted still continues, ah, it goes on and on

The hanging screen falls when morning glow appears
How many times must I see this... how many times?

I've lost interest in this
Not impressed anymore
Impatience bites within my heart
Nothing remains, nothing is anymore

Only afterglows linger on
Only afterglows linger on
Only afterglows linger on
Only afterglows linger on